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12 May 2011


Grace in small things.

1. That moment when, on an evening out, Dhari transitions from over-tired to hilariously delirious.

2. Finally finding a halfway decent Mexican restaurant in London. For some reason, people who are not Mexican simply cannot do proper Mexican food. Who woulda thunk? Mexicano Loco in Victoria was, in my opinion, satisfactory with good features. Which is a major achievement, as Mexican food in London goes.

3. Getting to hang out with Carol and Debbie! Carol's off next week to work in Nigeria for a while. Gosh I'll miss her.
Erm, does anyone else think the "Burberry" table cloths are a bit of a weird presence here?

4. With every item I cross off my list, I seem to add two more. Initially, I am consumed with panic, but then I get excited to do another exciting thing! (granted, I probably won't get around to it for a few months, but still...)

5. I'm all signed up to do another market in a pub. Yay! It's not until June though, because methinks May is going to become ridiculously busy here pretty soon.

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