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27 April 2011


Grace in small things.

1. Felafel wraps for Easter lunch, especially when the spicy hot pickled veg is homemade from scratch and the felafel is too, and you get to watch the cook make it expertly with an Israeli felafel mould that's been around for ages and "only gets brought out on special occasions".

2. Dhari's first Easter egg hunt. So cute.

3. The hallway is painted! It is no longer yellow! And I helped!

4. Dhari keeps playing the intro to "To Die a Virgin" by Divine Comedy, over and over again. It's a sound clip from an old British TV show, of a woman saying, "If there's a war, I'll sleep with you before you get get killed - that's what maidens do in books, and I'm a maiden." And then a man replies, "Oh, you do seem to go on about your virginity. Virginity's nothing - you can lose it on a bicycle." She responds, "I didn't know that! I must be careful - I'm going to get a bicycle when I get to London." Dhari seems to think it's really funny.

5. I got my lovely Mother's Day dress (handmade by Sue Bradbury) in the post today! Yay!


Melissa Hagan said...

Do we get a picture of your lovely new dress?

Suzanne said...