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08 March 2011

Support Comic Relief with babybandito

I've decided to embark on a special crafting project for this Red Nose Day. Every day I will work towards festive bunting that demands proper support for mothers and babies in sub-Saharan Africa (using Waterpenny's adorable "Protesting Animals" design). In keeping with the spirit of Red Nose Day, I will post a daily picture of a red-nosed me and my bunting-in-progress here, on my blog. In addition to this creative endeavour, I will also be donating 50% of my takings from any red item in my Etsy shop to Comic Relief. 

Please support me as your cash really can make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people across the UK and Africa. I have chosen my target as £182 because that is how much it will cost to pay for a maternity nurse in Tanzania to attend a seven day training course on child delivery care to ensure the safety and health of many mothers and their babies. Did you know that 40% of all child deaths occur in their first month of life? With properly trained nurses, maybe the little bubs will have a greater chance of survival. 

To donate, visit my Red Nose Day page. Thanks!

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