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10 March 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. A windfall of business for babybandito (much busier than what I'm used to anyway). Today was manic. Keep your fingers crossed that this might be a sign of what's to come! My aim is to one day turn a profit. Heh.

2. Dhari LOVES The Rumble Strips (oh hey, and so do I). His new favourite thing to do? Watch their videos and live clips on YouTube. Today, while watching the fantastic video for "Motorcycle", Dhari was really rocking out in front of the computer. We're talking a full-on head bobbing, fist pumping, teetering chair rock out session. Please remember that Dhari is two.
And for your viewing pleasure:

3. Daily Waterpenny embroidery sessions. Remember the tulips playing croquet? And how happy it made me to stitch on it every day? My Red Nose Day bunting is the same. Dana has drawn a collection of different, adorable animals, standing in solidarity for a cause; whether that's for cupcakes or the preservation of democracy in Wisconsin, it's wonderful.

4. Vaguely channelling a 1940s factory girl with my hair and make-up today. Okay, so maybe I just put a scarf on my head, but still.

5. Having a nice chat with my Jenny on Skype last night. That's always a treat!