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07 February 2011


In case you didn't already know how covetable my little animal scarves are, you soon will. We have good reason to believe that someone STOLE Dhari's scarf on Sunday at the pub! I imagine this is what happened...

Dhari was enthralled by the rugby on tv, or Auntie Debbie's necklace, or something similar. His adorable little grey and red striped animal scarf (The Original) slipped off the back of his pushchair in the hustle and bustle of pub-life. Another toddler with an excellent sense of fashion toddled along, noticed the neglected scarf, liked it, and took it back to his/her table. Mum very conveniently didn't notice until they were halfway home that her child was wearing someone else's very cute scarf. But being dishonest and greedy, she didn't bother going back to see if anyone was missing it. If she had done, she'd have seen Marcus and Debbie searching around for it frantically, crying and tearing at their hair with grief for the missing scarf.

I really don't know. I wasn't there.

So I made Dhari a new scarf. It is intentionally ambiguous, with the very boyish blue camouflage fleece and pink/orange girlie bicycles. Dhari likes pink bicycles - and who am I to stamp this preference out of him?
bicycle fabric by Heather Ross

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