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16 January 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. I might get a tax refund. Isn't that great?

2. Lemon drizzle cake. AND custard. Sing along: "Who could ask for anything more?"

3. Planning all the wonderful things I'll be making for my friends. Handbags, pincushions, cupcakes, amigurumi and cheeky tea towels embroidered with awesome images by the amazingly talented, adorable and hilarious Danar... I can't wait to get started.

In case you were wondering, What in tarnations is amigurumi? this is it. 
(photo credit

4. Building gigantic towers with Dhari, using up every last block.

5. My favourites page on Etsy. I've never actually bought anything that I've put in my favourites, but I like to look at them, and imagine buying them. All of them. And I always get a teensy bit sad when I visit the page, only to find that something has been sold. I know I should rejoice for that seller's success, but I don't.

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SugarMama said...

Oh my. i loves your favorites. thanks for sharing. dh will be in london this week - too bad i could not go along and stop by for a visit. :)