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01 November 2010


Grace in Small Things.

1. A nature walk, where Dhari collects autumnal bits and pieces for the beginnings of a nature table. Today, he selected four leaves and a flower.

2. Last Friday evening's outing to see Quixotic Fusion's Lux Esalare. It was an awesome performance. I would very much like to be an aerialist.

Quixotic : Lux Esalare | Promo Reel from Quixotic Fusion on Vimeo.

3. My first full day back home. This is nice.

4. It's always especially good when airline personnel block out an unoccupied seat next to me so I don't have to share mine with Dhari. It's nice to cuddle him and all, but we both appreciate the extra space.

5. The great big salads at Giraffe. Nom-nom-nom.

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