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30 November 2010


Grace in Small Things.

1. Big chunky snowflakes. And me? Inside. Drinking a nice cup of tea and snuggling up with Dhari for a bit of Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?

2. Being reminded of the magical properties of silk. I forgot that it keeps you warm in the winter, and it feels much nicer than wool on my sensitive skin. Bust out the scarves!

3. This coming Christmas is really exciting for Dhari, and therefore exciting for me! He helped put up the tree and decorate it. He loves to point out anything to do with "Kimkiss". And his new favourite book is Father Christmas Needs a Wee.

4. Marcus made breakfast this morning while I reversed my Free Shipping promotion over at Etsy.

5. The lovely cotton velvet from Ikea sits in the corner of the room, waiting to become dresses.

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