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11 October 2010


Grace in Small Things.

My acerbically witty friend, Kelli, has done something surprising and wonderful. She joined the Grace in Small Things group, which encourages members to stop being grumpy for a moment and take notice of nice things to be happy about. Reading her first few entries made me smile and automatically tally up things that make me happy. I liked the warmth that brought me, so I'm joining too.

My goal (though slightly ambitious, I plan to attack it with gusto) is to list five positive things every day. I'll start now:

1. lunch with Regan at Wallace & Co.

2. Dhari shouting out "Regan again!" shortly after we went our separate ways.

3. 30 minutes of quiet time in the sunshine all by myself yesterday.

4. projects and ideas piling up on themselves, screaming out to be attempted.

5. learning to be house-proud.

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