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12 February 2010

Like extracting blood from a stone. Or something.

I hope this lull in blogging isn't a sign of what's to come. I know how I work. Superpowered enthusiasm for the first week or so, then "shhhh...."

I've not blogged because I've not been creative. Not unless you call cream of broccoli soup from scratch creative. My stomach does, but it can't blog. I've not been creative because of work. And lack of materials. But I'll blame work first.

I had been working feverishly on my new buntings - anticlimactic lightyards of gingham binding, seven complete sets of flags for seven pennants - all I had to do was pin them together and do one, long, simply satisfying stitch and I'd have CREATED! So, Monday afternoon, after running all my errands like a good little girl, I checked my phone (I never hear it ring. Don't get me started about how much I dislike my phone) and found my curriculum manager had left a message: "Hi S, it's G. Sorry to bother you on your day off, but we got the call this morning and Ofsted are coming in Wednesday and Thursday. Thought you'd like to know. Bye!" Noooo!!! No swanning in and teaching somewhat planned, mostly organic lessons. One good thing that came out of it was we got graded as an Outstanding school, which is the highest grade you can get. Even better, the principal decided to give everyone an extra day off. And champagne. So, pretty cool.

What this ultimately means is I have a bit more time to do some creating again. So I've finished two buntings (that's why the lightyards were anticlimactic - it didn't make nearly as much as I had hoped. My math was wrong).

Next I'm making some simple pencil skirts for the school musical: Hairspray. I've been very kind and allotted the more curvaceous girl the bright blue, while the skinny one gets bright yellow. I'm not sure how to finish the slit at the side of the skirt. I don't think I'm expected to finish it at all, but I don't want to hand over something that looks scrappy. Any advice?

And I've made some other stuff for gifts, but no more bibs. I'm still waiting for the evil fabric company (who has a limited time to sort things out before I trash them publicly on every possible forum I can think of) to send me my absorbent fabric. Which I paid for. Which they clearly haven't sent. So they're thieves, right? 

For now, I'm off to Florida in two days. I really need some sunshine. 


Joe said...

They have champagne where you come from?

I don't know how to finish a pencil skirt.

Suzanne said...

Yep and lots of it!